What is the difference between Club Smilebox and Smilebox Pro?

Samantha -

Smilebox currently offers three levels of membership:

  1. Free membership
  2. Club Smilebox subscription ($47.88/year or $6.99/month)
  3. Smilebox Pro subscription ($95.88/year) 

Club Smilebox members have access to all premium content and features, including: 

  • Full screen, ad-free playback
  • Email or post any design 
  • Print any creation at-home or by home-delivery service
  • Burn to DVD, save as a video or JPG image
  • Use our music (2000+ songs) or your own
  • Unlimited storage for shared creations

In addition to these features, Smilebox Pro users can also:

  • Brand their creations with a company logo (or remove the logo completely)
  • Customize the creation playback with website links


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