Refund & Renewal Policy

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You can have your account reviewed for a refund by: 

All of our subscription options are automatically renewing subscriptions. If you would like to avoid renewing your subscription automatically, you can schedule your account to cancel at


You agree to pay Smilebox the applicable service charges applicable to your subscription (e.g. monthly or annually) for your use of the Services using a valid Payment Method, plus any applicable taxes, in accordance with the billing terms and prices applicable to your subscription. You authorize Smilebox to automatically bill the Payment Method you provide on each applicable subscription period renewal date until you cancel the Services. Payments are billed in advance at the beginning of the applicable subscription period.

Smilebox reserves the right to offer different prices, promotions and/or discounts to different users from time to time, at its sole discretion.


All payments are completely non-refundable and you may cancel the Services at any time, but Smilebox will not refund any remaining portion of your subscription fees, including any minimum commitments, already billed to your account, unless otherwise specified in writing in a specific subscription offer subject to the applicable subscription refund terms which shall be at Smilebox sole discretion. You agree to provide Smilebox with a valid Payment Method and accurate, complete and updated information required by the subscription registration form. Failure to comply may result in the immediate termination of the Services.

You can find our Terms of Use here:

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