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If your recipient has an email address associated with an organization (for example; a company or a school), then some organizations email spam filter may be set to reject emails that contain images, like a Smilebox creation.

We can’t guarantee that your emails are accepted by your recipient or by their email provider, who may have spam filters in place and erroneously mark our email as spam or even block it. They just have to unblock us by adding to their contact address list.

As an alternative, try one of the following solutions:

  • Send your creation to their personal email address
  • Send the creation to your own email address and forward what you received to your recipients to their personal email address. Sometimes their email provider will accept mail from you, rather than from
  • You can send the creation link of your Smilebox in a regular email. If you send the link (starting with http:// ) to your recipient, they can copy and paste that into their internet browser to view your creation

To find the creation link after sharing, playback your creation from your Email Confirmation Copy or from your Account Information page ( and it usually opens up in a browser.  You will find the link in the address bar at the top (see below) of your internet browser.

creation link.jpg


Please Note:

When you share your creation using the Smilebox program, you will be able to see your recipient(s) list and who has viewed your creation in your Account Information Page ( These features will not be available when you forward the Email Confirmation Copy or creation link to your recipient(s).

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