Can I burn multiple Smilebox creations to a DVD?

Uma -

The Smilebox DVD Maker (and the video file creator) is only available to Club Smilebox subscribers.

Smilebox offers you the ability to save your creation as a video file which will then allow you to burn those video files to a DVD. By default the Smilebox DVD Maker only burns one creation to a single DVD. If you want to burn multiple creations to a DVD, you will need to create the video files with the Smilebox DVD Maker and then collect the video files to burn it to a single DVD. The actual DVD burning  will need to be done using the software that came with your DVD burner or using another burner program outside of Smilebox.

To learn how to create a video file of your creation please refer our article on - Can I save the creation as a video file?



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