List of recommendations when you are preparing to burn DVD of your creation

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Smilebox has a list of recommendations, when you are preparing to burn DVD (for preserving/sharing) of your creation:

  1. Make sure you are signed in with your Club Smilebox account email address (premium feature)
  2. Try not to Zoom your images much when you add them to Smilebox creation. It will make your creation blurry and in turn will have lower resolution when burned to a DVD.  Please refer our article on - My pictures show up blurry on my creation, why is that?
  3. If you are burning a DVD on a Mac, you are required to have iDVD6 or later for successful burn
  4. You are required to have a DVD burner on your computer. If your DVD drive says ROM (Read-only memory) that will not work for burning DVDs
  5. Smilebox recommends using DVD disk formats of DVD-R or DVD+R when burning your DVD. These are read only disk formats and do have a greater success rate. If you are using DVD R/W (read/write) formats, older DVD players may not be able to playback your creation
  6. If you are seeing performance issues when preparing your DVD in the DVD maker, please consider shutting down other programs running on your computer. These may include search engines, internet browser windows, virus protection programs, or other programs listed in your Task Manager. It is important that the CPU on your computer be available for the DVD create process
  7. Make sure you have all the software updates in your computer, including Windows or Mac software and Flash
  8. Please be sure that all DVD drivers and firmware are up to date with the latest version. If you don't have the latest drivers your burn may fail. You can visit your manufacturer's website to determine if updates are available
  9. You must be online, with a connection to the internet, to burn your creation successfully
  10. While recording what you see and hear is what will be burned in your DVD
    • Your volume must be turned up (and/or speakers plugged in) so that the audio can be heard on your DVD creation
    • You must play the videos, included in the creation, for them to appear on the DVD. If the videos are not played during the recording step, they will not play on the DVD
    • It is important to point your mouse away from your recording window else it will display the status bar, arrows or counter 
  11. Please make sure that you click the button BURN TO DVD when you are done reviewing your recorded creation
  12. There is a one hour limit to the length of a Smilebox DVD recording
  13. When you have burned your DVD in Smilebox, please be sure to TEST YOUR DVD on your home DVD player. Once you have confirmed that the DVD burned successfully, you can then send it to family and friends


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