How to adjust at-home print settings (size, layout, grayscale and more)

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Smilebox offers the following print sizes (depending on design): Standard 5x7, 6x8, 8x10 and Square Format 8x8.  For help adjusting the print settings, please see the steps below.

(If you would like to print your creation in a format other than the recommended size, please save your creation as a JPG image and open it in a 3rd-party printer. We do not recommend this method, as it may distort the image.)

Please note: You can print a 16x20 (Standard) and 12x12 (Square Format) size using our Print and Ship to Home delivery service. 

The quality of the final print depends on the resolution of your original picture and how much you zoomed while editing. Click here to learn more about print resolution.


How to adjust the print settings (size, layout, grayscale, and more)

Print size options are available when choosing the printing at-home option, after opening the Print Wizard on your computer.

Print size options for Mac customers depend on the printer driver.

Note: Depending on your operating system and software, your print size options and properties may differ.

Windows example

From the Microsoft Print Wizard, you will see the following options:

  • Printer
  • Paper size/Quality/Paper type (optional)
  • Layout (ex. Full-page photo, 4x6, 5x7)
  • Number of copies

If your print option window has a Fit picture to frame (as shown below), please un-check it to avoid cutting off the edges. 



You can choose how many copies you'd like to print. If you would like to print more than one image per page, you must increase the Copies of each picture (5x7 example shown below).



In your Printer Wizard when you select Options… > Printer Properties... (as shown below), you will have more choices to select from.



Under the Finishing tab, you can choose the orientation of your photo (portrait or landscape)



Under the Color tab, you can choose to print in grayscale (great for test prints)



Click Print once you are ready to print your creation


If you experience any unwanted cropped photos or lines on the page or another printing issue, please see our article: Troubleshooting print issues (cropped pages, partial print, and more)


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