What is the resolution when I print a Smilebox?

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Basic account users can print at home using Free designs only. 

To print at home using designs with Premium written underneath is a premium feature and requires a subscription to an annual/monthly membership. Premium Club Smilebox Members should make sure to sign in with their correct username (email) and password so that Smilebox will recognize them as a Premium Club Member.

Please keep in mind when printing that:

1. All images are resized when imported into the Smilebox photo well. The image’s longest side is limited to 1350 pixels and the short side is scaled down accordingly. For example, a 3000 x 2000 pixel image imported to Smilebox would become 1350 x 900 pixels

2. If you opt to zoom your pictures, your resolution will decrease depending on how much you zoom

3. Your printer quality

These factors can impact the quality of a printed Smilebox.

Printing on your home computer

The resolution (pixels per inch) of printed Smileboxes depends on the size you want to print. To get the best quality image:

  • Print a smaller format (5X7 will print better than 8.5x11)
  • Use the “Quality” setting on your printer
  • Use premium photo paper

Printing saved .jpg images

After saving the creation as .jpg images, the resolution (pixels per inch) of printed Smileboxes depends on the size you want to print, your printer quality and the third party software you are using to print.

For the best results, Smilebox recommends you limit the print size of images created with the “Save as Jpg” feature to:

  • 8 x 8 inches or smaller for square formats
  • 5 x 7 inches or smaller for rectangular formats
  • You can print at larger sizes, but the results may not be the quality you require.

We also suggest you first try a black-and-white print on regular printer paper to ensure your settings are correct before you print in color on high-quality photo paper.

Another best alternative is to print using our PASH system. Please refer to our article on – Print and deliver to Home (PASH) or Smilebox Doorstep Direct Q&A

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