Can I embed my creation in a personal website or blog?

Uma -

Yes! You can add your Smilebox creation to your own personal webpage using the HTML code we provide or by using the playback link. 


Embedding your creation

When you're ready to share your creation, click “Share, Print or DVD along the top, and then select “Post” (as shown below).

Share Print or DVD.png


In order to post your creation, you must give your creation a name. Once done, click "Continue".


You can choose where you would like to post your creation (Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, etc.).

If you would like to post to a blog or website, click the more/blog option shown below:


From here, you will see the following page with the HTML code you can copy & paste onto your blog or website.


If you only need the creation link, you can find it by scrolling down.

An example of what the preview link will look like is shown on the left-hand side of the screen.


Please note: When your viewers click on your creation, it will open in a new window. This is a standard playback procedure for Smilebox from a blog.

Subscribers can also save their creation as a video file for posting.

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