How do I playback or view my previously shared creations?

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You can playback and view your own shared (sent/posted) creations in one of two ways: Preview from the My Creations tab or playback your sent creation from your Account Information Page.


Preview from My Creations

Open the Smilebox program from your programs list or by double-clicking the desktop icon. Once open, click the "My Creations" tab (shown below) and all of your saved creations should appear.

Click on the creation you would like to work with and click "Open". This will open the Smilebox editor where you can edit, share, print, burn and more!


open whole.png

Click "Preview" to view your creation with full animation and music.



Your creations are saved locally on the computer you used to make them. When you save your creation, Smilebox stores it in the My Smilebox Creations folder under My Documents so an internet connection is not required to preview your saved creations.


Playback from your Account Information Page

You can access your Account Information page one of two ways:


If you need your password reset, you can get a new one by clicking on Forgot your password?

 Here, you will find a list of past shared creations under "My Sent and Posted Creations". To view your creation, click on the thumbnail image or click "Click to Play" (shown below). 



Please note: You can access your Account Information Page from any computer with internet access.

If you're having trouble viewing your creation, please click here and scroll down to the troubleshooting section.


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