Can I add or delete pages to a design?

Uma -

At this time, we don't offer the capability to add/delete pages to multi-page designs, such as Scrapbooks and Photo Albums.  However, you can easily add/delete slides in our Slideshow designs, to learn how to do this, please refer to the 'Adding/Deleting Slides' section of the following article:

Working with a slideshow design

Most of our Scrapbook and Photo Album designs will let you add additional photos (by changing the Layout) to your existing 8/10/20 pages, but you can't add or delete pages.

When you are in Design Catalog => Browse By Format => Books => Scrapbook/ Photo Albums category, you can “SORT BY”  # of Photos and select the design that will let you accommodate the numbers of photos you want to add. There are several Scrapbook/ Photo Album designs that will allow you to choose a layout (Example-1-6 photos per page) which provides you with flexibility. Also please note that our slideshow designs will let you add 1-400 slides (photos) to your creation.


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