How to adjust the slideshow playback speed

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To adjust the automatic playback speed of your slideshow creation, please see the screenshots below.

Please note: This feature is not available on all slideshow designs. 


To find designs that allow you to adjust the speed, you can search for the term "speed" in the Design Catalog.



The Slideshow Speed slider can be found on the right-hand side of the editor on the Control Panel (see below). To test the speed, click Preview to see what your recipient will see when the slideshow auto-plays.

Please note: At this time, it is not possible to change this option for an individual slide or sync the slides with a particular song or voice-over.



Some designs will have the Slideshow Speed control on Intro view or Slide view (shown below).


If your design template doesn't include a playback speed slider, then the page transitions are either automatic or controlled by the viewer clicking a page button. Again, you can use Preview to see how the playback will look.

Please note: In playback from email, the slideshow does play from the Smilebox servers over an internet connection. If you have a slower connection (or your recipient does), the playback can be impacted.

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