How to navigate the Design Catalog (and find the perfect design)

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In the Smilebox Design Catalog, you can choose a design based on occasion, browse by format, or check out our newest designs! 

Here are some tips and tricks for navigating the Design Catalog to find the perfect design for your needs.

How to find a birthday collage

If you'd like to find a fun birthday collage, you can either:

Click "Browse by Format" > Choose Collage > Choose Birthday  

browse_by_format.jpg  Collages.jpg  birthday_collages.jpg

OR Click Birthday > Choose Collage

birthday.jpg  collages_birthday.jpg

And you will see all of our birthday-themed collages!


Of course, you can also search for "Birthday Collage" and yield the same results.

Searching for a design

To search the Design Catalog, simply type in our search bar (shown below).


For a list of helpful search terms, check out our chart below.

Once you've chosen an occasion, format, or searched for a design, you have the option to sort the results. You will see this option on the right-hand side of the catalogue. 


This is a great tool to search for free designs, filter for new designs, check out our most popular or sort by the number of photos!

If you'd like to use a design that does not require a photo, you can use our "# of Photos" filter and all zero photo designs will appear at the top.


Search Terms and Keywords


 Designs that allow you to control the amount of time each slide is shown


 Designs that include transition options between slides

 Custom Text

 Designs that have the text toolbar (allows you to change the font, size, color, alignment, etc.)


 Designs that will automatically adjust between portrait and landscape sized photos

 Multiple Songs

 Designs that allow for more than one song in playback
 To find a design with more than 3 songs, search "multiple songs third"
 To find our 5-song slideshows, search "5songs"


 Designs that allow you the option to change the background


 Designs that allow for portrait (vertical) photos

 Layout Choice

 Designs with layout choices


 Scrapbooks or Photo Albums in square (12x12 or 8x8) format


 Designs that are portrait oriented


 Designs that offer different levels of embellishments


 Designs created specifically for professional use 


 Designs that will print in 5x7 format


 Designs that will print in 8x10 format

If you enter multiple terms (such as "Portrait 8x10") - you will see all designs that will print in 8x10 format in portrait orientation.

If you know the name of the design you'd like to use, you can enter it in the search field,  then click "Personalize" to begin customizing your creation.


To return to the Design Catalog, simply click the "Home" button (shown below).



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