Blank Design Catalog; problems accessing Design Catalog

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This may be a temporary issue and it may correct itself.

First, please try clearing your Internet Explorer cache. Even if this is not your preferred browser, Smilebox uses components of Internet Explorer to function and it must be reset. To do this:


1. Close Smilebox and all internet browsers

2. Open Internet Explorer and hold "Ctrl + Shift + Del" (to open history)

3. Make sure to uncheck "Preserve favorite website data" and check "temporary internet files" and "cookies" (shown in the screenshot below)

4. Click "Delete" and wait for the confirmation message from IE at the bottom of the screen

5. Close Internet Explorer and restart your computer




 If you continue to have issues it may be the problem is caused by interruption or blocking of your internet connection. Here are some possible solutions:

1. Please check your security settings. If you are running a software firewall (e.g., ZoneAlarm®, SyGate, or McAfee® Personal Firewall) or antivirus program (e.g., PC-Cillin™, Symantec™ Internet Security or McAfee® Internet Security), that program may be blocking Smilebox from accessing the internet.

Please go to the internet security options for the firewall and antivirus and verify that you've "Allowed" internet access for Smilebox or have updated settings to designate Smilebox as a "trusted site".

To check to see if access is working, try copying and pasting these links to see if you can access these pages: (the first two are text files, the last is an image. The information on the page will not install anything on your computer).

2. A temporary glitch in internet service while the user is connected. Customers with wireless and dialup connections are more likely to see this problem. To test this, try going to a website such as and see if screens load fairly quickly when you click on them. If screens seem slow or you have problems, check your network connection. Please go to: Start Menu/Control Panel/Network Connections. Check your connection status; you can also click on the 'Repair Connection' option. Windows runs this automatically for you.

Then please try again to access the design catalog.

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