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Recently, Smilebox made the tough decision to drop Recipe Books from our design catalog. This allows more focus, investment, and creative energy to go into our core design categories and into development of new features for the future like online RSVPs.

We do have designs that have larger text boxes which can be used for entering more text than normal. Type "Journal or newsletter" in search line to find it. You can change the text and title of most of our design and use them to meet your needs.

You can also replace the photo frame with a text message. You have the option of using an outside source to include a .jpg image of text into your creation (example- slideshow design). You can do this in multiple ways:

* type or write your text and then take a photo of your writing to include in the slideshow.

* use a separate program (e.g. PowerPoint or Paint) to type a page of text, save as format .jpg, and then load into the Smilebox Photowell as a photo image.

You will need to play with the text placement to make sure that it is centered and is the font size you want.

We appreciate your interest and apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change in our offerings.

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