My saved creations under the My Creations tab are blank or have no photos.

If you open a saved creation from the My Creations tab and the photos do not appear, the saved files of your creation may have been affected.

Did you change names or move any files and folders in your computer? Did you transfer your creations from one computer to another computer?

Please try the following steps:

  • Close the Smilebox program
  • Under Documents\My Smilebox Creations the file called manifest.xml needs to be deleted (it will be recreated when you re-open Smilebox)
  • Open Smilebox and you should be able to see all the creations under "My Creations" tab.

If the above suggestion does not work, try restoring your creation back by following the below solution:

1. Close the Smilebox software program

2. Go to your Account Information page by clicking this link: Sign in with your username and password.

3. Your past shared creations will appear on this page. Select the creation you wish to restore and click the Save It (as shown below).

save it.png

4. The creation will automatically be saved to your Smilebox account and the program will open. You can then view the creation, by clicking the My Creations tab. 

That will restore the creation and allow you to preview, edit or share it.


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