How to add photos (and slides) to a slideshow design

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You can add photos or videos to your slideshow in one of two ways: Auto-fill or drag and drop.

To learn more about uploading photos into the Photo Well, please see our article: How to add photos to the Photo Well



This is a great, time-saving feature that will auto-populate all of the photos in your Photo Well in the order you uploaded them. We recommend loading your photos in the order you wish them to appear in the design prior to using this feature.

To learn how to rearrange photos/videos in your Photo Well, please see our article: How do I rearrange or move photos around in the Smilebox Photo Well?

At this time, there is no direct way to transfer your photos (with captions) from one design to another, but this feature may speed up the process of switching designs.

This option should appear automatically when you click "Personalize" on a design. Just click on "Yes, Auto-fill" to automatically fill in your photos.


Please note: After auto-filling, only 10 of your imported photos may show at first. To include the rest,  go to "Sorter View" and select "Add Slides" until all of your photos are included. For more help, please see the screenshots below.

Time saving tip

We recommend loading your photos into the Photo Well in the order you wish them to appear in the design, prior to using this feature.

If you decline the Auto-fill feature but change your mind later, you can always exit the design and start a new one by selecting it from the Design Catalog and the Auto-fill feature will appear.


Drag and drop

To add your photos to your design, simply click on a photo in the Photo Well and drag it to the photo frame. This will work in "Slide View" and "Sorter View" (see below).

Slide View


Sorter View



Adding Slides

For the majority of our slideshow designs, you can add/delete/edit slides by selecting "Sorter View" on the bottom of the editor (see below).


Once in "Sorter View", you can add more slides by clicking click "Add" next to the photo where you'd like to add a slide, or you can click "Add Slide" or "Add 5 Slides" at the end (shown below). If you used the Auto-fill feature, the slides will be populated with the additional photos/video from your Photo Well. Otherwise, the slides will appear blank. You can delete blank slides by click the "Delete" button above the slide you'd like to remove.


You can also reorder your slides by using the same drag and drop method in "Sorter View" once all of your photos are in place. At this time, it is not possible to move more than one slide at a time.



Please note: Some of our slideshow designs do not have a sorter page (Ex: Quick Share) and you can add/remove photos by using the "Number of Photos" slider on the right-hand side of the editor (see below).




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