How to edit my photos: (rotate, zoom, enhance, fix, b&w)

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Smilebox offers photo-editing features in the creation editor itself! The Image Tool Bar will let you:

  • Zoom your photo
  • Clear or remove the photo
  • Rotate an image
  • Fix and improve your photo (Enhance, remove red eye, black & white, etc.)

Please note: The features shown on the Image Tool Bar will vary depending on the design chosen.

Zoom Slider

Zoom w text.jpg  no_zoom_w_text.jpg

Clear or Rotate


Fix options

To enhance your photo, fix red-eye, rotate or change to black & white, click the "Fix" button.

Please note: This feature is not available for all designs.



This will open the Smilebox Photo Viewer. From here, you will have the following options (see below).

photo_viewer_enhance.jpg both.jpg

Multiple features can be checked at once for best effect. Once you have completed your edits, please be sure to click Save at the end. 


Please noteSmilebox Photo Viewer window is not available on the Mac. Please use iPhoto to edit your images, if needed, before placing them in the Smilebox Photo Well.

If your photos appear black & white automatically, you can switch them to color using the option shown above or by choosing Color on the right-hand side of the editor.


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