The Smilebox Tray (update options, photo notifier, etc.)

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When you import new photos, the Smilebox Photo Notifier can take you directly into Smilebox so you can share your photos with friends. The notifier is designed to assist you in sharing your photos with family and friends.

Please note: Your personal uploaded photos are not stored nor can they be accessed by Smilebox. These photos are only stored in the location you intended and not on our servers.


If you wish to turn the Smilebox Photo Notify feature off, you can do so using the Smilebox tray icon.


Along the bottom of your screen, the Smilebox tray icon will appear on the right side. Click the Smilebox icon in the tray and the following options appear:


To turn off the photo notify feature, click the option "Show me my new photos" so that it is not checked.

You can also choose whether you will be notified when creation are viewed, new designs are released and if Smilebox updates automatically.


Along the top Menu bar, the Smilebox icon will appear on the right side. (see below)

You can click on the icon to bring up the notify options. Click the "Show me my new photos" (so that it's not checked) and you will turn off the photo notify feature.

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