How to add video clips to your creation

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In addition to photos, you can also add video files to your Smilebox creations by following the directions below.

Accepted video formats in the Smilebox program are *.avi, *.mov, *.mpg, *.mpeg, *.wmv, 720p or 1080p Hi Def video, and mobile 3gpp files.


Step 1: Upload your video clip

Click on “Get Photos and Videos” (as shown below). Select the folder destination of your video, click on your video file and click "Open". Once you've added your video clips to the Photo well, you are ready to use them in a Smilebox creation.




If your video does not appear on this screen, please be sure the file extension type (shown above) is set to "Photos and Videos" or "Videos". If you still do not see it available, you can try converting your video to another file type.

Step 2: Drag and drop your video into your creation

Videos in the Photo Well have a black border with a film strip on the left side. Photos will have plain white frames (see below).

To place the video into your creation, click the image and the frame will turn blue to show it is selected (see below). Drag and drop your video into the desired frame or use our Auto-fill feature to save time.

video_clip_example.jpg    large_video.jpg

You can view your video clip by clicking "Play Video" in the editor, or, to see how your video will look in playback, click "Preview"preview.jpg

Once you have finished personalizing your creation, it is important to save it! Be sure to click "Save" in the upper right-hand corner of the program. Here, you can edit the name of your creation before saving.

Please note: We recommend using video files that are 10 minutes or less in duration. Anything larger may have trouble sending, but you can always use third-party software to split your video into segments if necessary.

If you are having trouble, please see our help article: I got an error message when I tried to load my video

File size recommendations

Videos are automatically resized to a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, at a frame rate of 15 frames per second. This limits the length to under 10 minutes (anything beyond 10 minutes is trimmed). If you include too many videos in one creation, you may exceed the size limit for sends (100 megabytes). For the best recipient experience, we recommend only adding a few videos to your creation, otherwise, it will slow down the preview and creation playback.

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