I got an error message when I tried to load my video

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Accepted video formats in  Smilebox program are *.avi, *.mov, *.mpg, *.mpeg, *.wmv, 720p or 1080p Hi Def video, and mobile 3gpp files.

If you are loading a video with a supported video format but you see the following message:


This generally means that the video clip you are trying to load is not in a standard format and we can't load it.

If it is a .mov file, you'll need to verify that QuickTime is installed (or if installed, that you have the latest release of QuickTime) before we can load your video clip. Please visit for a free download of that software. If you need to update/install Quicktime, please be sure to save your creation then close Smilebox program. Install/update Quicktime, then restart your computer to make sure the changes are recognized. Open Smilebox, download the .mov file to your Photo well and try adding to your creation. 

If you are seeing performance issues while working with Smilebox please shut down other programs running on your computer. These may include search engines, Internet browser windows, virus protection programs, or other programs listed in your Task Manager. It is important that the CPU on your computer be available for Smilebox.

If you are on a MAC platform, Smilebox does not support a "muxed" video file. Your Quicktime video inspector can verify if the file is a "muxed" movie file.

More solutions to fix your video issue. Please try one at a time before proceeding further.  

  • You can open the file in a different program and then save it using another file format that will work in Smilebox, then try to download it to your creation. Example- For PC users, can play your video in Windows Media Player (before adding to Smilebox creation) and see if you are able to view properly. You can try to import the video into Windows Movie Maker (it comes with Windows) program. Make a copy of your video and import the copy into Windows Movie Maker. It may break the video into segments (which is why you want to import a copy of your original). Drag the video (all segments if it was broken into segments) into the storyboard pane along the bottom and then Save to My Computer (found under the Finish menu to the left). Then follow the Save wizard to save the imported video as a .wmv file. Try importing that new file and see if that works.
  • Please check if have you downloaded all your updates to your Windows machine?
  • Another issue that can cause trouble is the number of characters in the path and file name of your video file. You can try saving the file to your desktop (with a shortened name) and see if that will help you load the file into Smilebox. The number of characters is limited within your operating system and within Smilebox.
  • When you load a video into Smilebox, we use a process called encoding. If there are other applications on your computer that work with videos and/or music - they also use encoding when they read your files. The encoding process we use could be in conflict with the other encoding/transcoding software on your computer. That will interrupt the Smilebox encoding process and not allow your video to work in our designs properly. If you know of software on your machine that would interrupt Smilebox, your only option would be to remove that software to allow Smilebox to work, or try with a different computer.

  • You can also try to uninstall/reinstall Smilebox and/or Flash program. Let us know if this has solved your video issue. Please refer our article on - Uninstall/reinstall Flash/Smilebox- I keep getting a message that I need to install newer version of Flash/Smilebox

If you continue to have trouble, and you are pretty sure that your video clip format is valid, please submit a request and attach a sample video for testing. Also please give us the name of the design you are using. 

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