How to delete a creation

Uma -

If you would like to delete or deactivate a creation, please see the options below.

Please note: Invitations with an Event Central Page will not have the Remove option in the Account page. 

There are two ways to delete a creation:

  1. Remove it from the Share Activity and deactivate the playback
  2. Delete it from the My Creations tab 

1. Remove and deactivate

Your shared creations are listed under Share Activity on your Account page at To make sure the creation can no longer be viewed and is deleted from your history, click Remove (shown below). 

2. Delete the creation

If you want to delete a saved creation entirely, open the Smilebox program and click the My Creations tab.  

Click on the design you would like to remove and click Delete. 


This will remove the creation and save files from your computer. 

This action cannot be reversed.


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