I can't download the music to a Smilebox creation. How do I fix this?

Uma -

There are a few things we can try to get your music working correctly.

Smilebox supports any songs transferred from your computer or personal CDs which are stored in the following formats: *.mp3, *.wma, *.m4a, and *.wav. If you transfer a song from music CD you own, that will be in an .m4a format, which is usable by other applications.

At your earliest convenience, please try the following:

  • Restart your computer and try adding your song again.
  • Save your music to a desktop folder and then try loading it to your Smilebox creation and let me know if it is working for you. This solves most of the music issues. 
  • Verify that you are signed into your account. Up in the right corner of the screen, is your email address showing? 
  • Only the premium club account holders have access to our "More choice" music selections. Basic account holders can select one of the three free songs that come with the design.
  • Several music store providers (for example, iTunes) limit the use of songs purchased and downloaded from their stores using Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology. Smilebox respects these usage policies and will not use DRM protected songs. Songs purchased from the iTunes store are in an .m4p format is protected against re-use. In order to use a song from the iTunes Store in Smilebox, you must ensure that the song is an “iTunes Plus” song. iTunes Plus songs are NOT copy-protected. Please refer to Apple’s article explaining iTunes Plus: iTunes Plus songs can be identified by a “+” icon in the iTunes Store.
  • When you load music into Smilebox, we use a process called encoding. If there are other applications on your computer that work with videos and/or music - they also use encoding when they read your files. The encoding process we use could be in conflict with the other encoding/transcoding software on your computer. That will interrupt the Smilebox encoding process and not allow your music to work in our designs properly. Conflicting software can include video software, music software, even games on your computer.

In other words, if you have difficulty downloading your personal music selection (and you know it's in the right format), there may be audio editing or processing software on your computer that is interfering with your personal song download into Smilebox. It is your choice to uninstall that software and try adding your own music to the Smilebox creation.

  • Number of characters used in a file name is limited within your operating system and within Smilebox. The music file name may exceed the number of characters that is usable with an application. If the file name you are using is an especially long one (with folder path names included) we would suggest that you save the song to your desktop and rename the song to a shorter name (with few characters,Ex-song1) and try to load that song.
  • Another alternative you can try is to open the file in a different program and then save it using another file format that will work in Smilebox. Save the file to your desktop in a format supported by Smilebox (music files are supported in the following formats: *.mp3, *.wma, *.m4a, and *.wav). Once you have saved the file, and then try to download the tune to your creation.
  • Last suggestion is to uninstall Flash, uninstall and reinstall Smilebox program (it will also install the Flash version that will work with Smilebox program) and see if that will fix the issue. Please refer - Uninstall/reinstall Smilebox; get current version

If you continue to have music issue please email attach your song and submit it to us, along with design name to test it.

We do offer over 2000 songs selections to go with your creation (for premium club membership). Perhaps one of our tunes will work for you too? Please refer our article - How do I select music for my creations?


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