I can't hear the music or audio from my Smilebox creation, when I burned to a DVD

Uma -

Were you able to playback (preview and from email) the creation in your computer and did it have the audio?

Did you increase your volume and hear the audio in your computer while recording the creation before burning to a DVD? What you record is what you see in your DVD.

You can save the creation as video file and then burn it to a DVD using third party software.

Please refer our Knowledge Base article on – Can I save the creation as video file?

  • Another best solution that always work is to  Uninstall/reinstall Smilebox; get the current version and try again.

Please refer our Knowledge Base article on – Uninstall/reinstall Flash; get current version

  • Alternative is to download the creation to a different computer and burn it to a DVD or save as video file.

To transfer creation please refer our article on - Can I access my Smilebox account on two computers?



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