How to add your own music or choose a song from our library

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Smilebox lets you personalize your creation with the ultimate special touch: personal music! You can add your own song file or select one from our Music Library.

Accepted file formats are: *.mp3, *.wma, *.m4a, and *.wav

This feature is reserved for Club Smilebox subscribers only.


Select "Your Own Music" and click "More" to launch the Smilebox Music Picker

To make sure your music choice is selected, be sure the circle is filled-in (black) next to "Your Own Music" before clicking "More" (see below).



Adding your own music

Once the Smilebox Music Picker has launched, click "Browse for a Song" and navigate to the folder which stores your personal songs. Again, Smilebox can only accept the following formats: *.mp3, *.wma, *.m4a, and *.wav.


Once you've located your song, click the "Open" button to download the song (as shown below).


At this point, if you have issues locating your song, save your creation, and close Smilebox program. Go to your Folders (PC) or Finder (MAC) to locate your song file and save it to your desktop and then try adding it to your Smilebox creation.

Your song will download and once done, your song will begin to play and the title will appear in the "Selected song:" section (shown below).


Click "Done"  to add the song to your creation and exit the Smilebox Music Picker.

Once you are done editing, save and preview your creation to make sure it is just right before sharing.

If you receive an error message or have trouble uploading your song selection, please see our article: I can't download the music to a Smilebox creation. How do I fix this?


Choosing a song from the Music Library

After opening the Smilebox Music Picker, you can browse and select a song from our music library (see below).


Once you have selected your song(s), save your creation and “Preview” your creation to make sure it is just right before you sharing.


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