How do I select music for my creations?

Uma -

To choose a song for your Smilebox creation, please see the instructions below. Club Smilebox subscribers can add their own music or choose a song from our Music Library.

To select a song, fill-in the circle next to your choice. You can play or stop the music to hear a preview.


Please note: The ability to add more than one song, upload your own music or choose a song from the Music Library are reserved for Club Smilebox subscribers only.

If you are a Club Smilebox subscriber and would like to learn more about the premium music feature, please see our article: How to import my own music or choose a song from the Music Library

You also have the option of playing no music, by selecting "No Music" under "Choose Your Music" on the right-hand side of the editor.


The Smilebox Music Picker offers over 2,000 songs and allows you to upload your own song, voice over, narration, or any other audio file you'd like to include in your creation! (preview below)


music library.png



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