Music does not play in my creation

Uma -

Please remember  Smilebox supports any songs transferred from your computer or personal CDs which are stored in the following formats: *.mp3, *.wma, *.m4a, and *.wav. If you transfer a song from music CD you own, that will be in an .m4a format, which is usable by other applications.

Have you tried loading a different song to your creation and see if that plays in your creation. 

Please try adjusting the volume on your computer. If you are using the computer's built-in speakers, then there is a volume adjustment; you may wish to verify the volume level and then try to play the creation again. If you have speakers attached to your computer it will play through those (sometimes   external speakers need to be powered on, and then the volume adjusted). 

If you are clicking on an internet link to play the Smilebox creations and you are seeing everything else in the creation except the sound, it is likely the volume settings on your computer needs to be increased. Also check the connections to the speaker.  

If it is still an issue,

  •   Restart your computer
  •   Save the song in your desktop
  •   Delete the design from “My Designs”
  •   Get a new copy of the design from our catalog and “Personalize” it
  •   Attach the song one more time 

You can also send us the creation link and the song to to test it. 

Please note: You can always refer anytime our article on -  Can I import my own music for a Smilebox creation or add music from premium music catalog?

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