How can I change the preview photo that appears on the cover page?

Uma -

The featured photo for each creation will be the last photo displayed in the editor before you send your creation. 

Please note: It is not possible to change the cover photo of a creation that has already been sent.

You can change this selection by following the directions below.


How to change the cover photo

Open the Smilebox program from your programs list or by double-clicking the desktop icon. Once open, click the My Creations tab (shown below) and open the creation you would like to work with.

Click on the Slide View icon at the bottom of the page. The image that is shown on Slide View before sending is the image that will appear on the paperclip cover page when you send or save your creation.


To change this, use the navigation buttons to scroll between your photos. If you have a large number of photos, you can go to Sorter View, select the photo you would like and click "Edit" to go to that slide.




Click "Save" in the right-hand corner to update your creation. From there, you can re-send your creation and it will be sent with the image on the screen as the cover page (example below).



If a design does not have a Slide View, simply stay on the image you want to see on the cover page (as shown below):



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