Should I backup My Creations?

Uma -

If you have shared (send/blog) your creation, you can access it any time from any were by visiting you can playback or download it back to your “My Creations” tab.

Creations which are just saved in your computer please read the following:

The files for each of your creations are saved locally on your computer's hard drive. To prevent the loss of your data, in the case of a hard drive error or crash, a backup is advisable. Your files can be found under your "My Documents" folder, in "My Smilebox Creations" (on the MAC, they are in Documents – My Smilebox Creations). Inside you will find subfolders with the same names as those of your Smilebox creations. To backup your entire set of creations for safekeeping, copy the entire \My Documents\My Smilebox Creations folder. Smilebox creations saved under My Documents folder can only be viewed by using the Smilebox program (My Creations tab) and selecting the “Open” and “Preview” button.

Please Note- We always recommend our customers to share (send/blog) your creations, since it will be stored in our server and can be downloaded from any time.

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