How to save a creation as a JPG image

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With Smilebox, you can save your creation as a JPG file (still photos). This is a helpful alternative for printing issues and is a required step for saving Facebook cover collages.

For help uploading your new Facebook cover collage to your timeline, click here

This feature is reserved for Club Smilebox subscribers only.


How to save a creation as a JPG image

Once you're finished editing your creation, select Share, Print or DVD along the top, and then select the last option “Save” (as shown below).

Share Print or DVD.png


Next, select the second option under "Save as JPG images or photo frame".


You will be prompted to insert a memory card or USB device. Click OK to continue. 


You can then choose to save your JPG images to your My Pictures folder or the Desktop.  We recommend saving to your Desktop.

Once your preferred location is selected, the JPG files will automatically be created for you. (Any required folders will also be created)


Your creation will be saved in a folder in the following format: Smilebox JPGs > Saved on YYYY-MM-DD TIME > 001 format (1)

If your creation has multiple pages, each page will be saved separately, allowing you the flexibility to work with your pages independently (as shown below).


With these saved JPGs, you can:

  • Bring them to a retail store for printing (online or in-store)
  • Save them to a USB device
  • Upload them to a digital photo frame
  • Print and frame
  • Print as a keepsake or gift


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