How to save a creation or photos (JPG images) from playback

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Smilebox offers the option to download a Smilebox creation or save the photos within a creation, directly from playback!

Please note: This option is only available for Premium sent creations and if the sender gives permission. These settings can be changed by the sender at

By default, sent creations can be saved and posted/blogged creations cannot. Once you save the creation, you can edit, share, or print it at any time. 

Saving a creation from playback

From the creation playback, click the "Save" button (shown below).

Save button.jpg

Make sure the Smilebox program is closed, then click "Download" to begin the process.


If the link needs to be opened with an application, choose Smilebox Starter, then click "OK".

Please note: You must have Smilebox installed to save a creation. 

The creation will be saved under the My Creations tab. To learn how to access this folder, click here.


Saving just the photos

From the creation playback, click the "Save Photos" button (shown below).


From here, you can hover over a photo and click "Save Photo" to save it to your hard drive.


This will bring up the Save As dialogue, where you can choose the save location and edit the name of the picture.


Unfortunately, we do not offer a "Save All Photos" feature at this time.


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