My update is taking a long time to complete. What shall I do?

Uma -

Uninstalling the program and reinstalling will fix your issues most of the time. For more help, please refer to: Uninstall/reinstall Smilebox; get current version

Smilebox does frequent updates to add new designs and new features. Each time you open Smilebox, we automatically check to make sure that you have the most recent version of our software. Updating can take longer under the following conditions:

  • If you are on a dialup, wifi or satellite connection (instead of broadband). The updates load over the internet and so the speed of data transfer will affect how long your update takes.
  • We've tested with some slower connections, such as dialup, and have seen it take 3 minutes to load an update. If you have a slower Internet connection you may want to pick a time when you can click on the Smilebox icon, and check back later. If there is a specific error message, please submit a request to our Customer Support Team.

If you don't have a slow connection, has anything in your security setup (firewall, antivirus, Internet Explorer security settings) changed? We load updates over the Internet; so if access or permissions have changed, Smilebox may be blocked from completing the update.

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