How to clear maintenance message?

Uma -

We have some steps for you to take to clear the message you are receiving.

Clearing your cache in Internet Explorer usually takes care of this message but for some reason that is not working for you. Let's try some other options:

1. Directly connect your PC to the internet by plugging it in to the Ethernet port on your cable or dsl modem.

      a. If you no longer get the maintenance message, then that indicates that the problem is caused by your router.

       b. After you try this, return the router to your setup and plug you PC back into the router.

2. If the problem is your router, we suggest that you update the firmware on your router. Here is an article about the same. 

3. If this doesn’t work, try this as the last step:

     a. Close all browser windows on your computer. Make sure you have no internet browsers open.

     b. Close Smilebox.

     c. Click this link:

     d. Most likely you will receive an error message that the page can't be found, but if you get something different, please let us know.

     e. Once you've done that, please reboot your computer and then reopen Smilebox.

This will clear the message for you.

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