Security software (firewall or anti-virus) is blocking Smilebox

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A firewall or anti-virus program may be blocking Smilebox from reaching the internet. To resolve this issue, please try the troubleshooting steps below:

Step 1: Allow Smilebox internet access

Go to Internet Security Options for your firewall and/or anti-virus and verify that you've "allowed" internet access for Smilebox. Please be sure to update your settings and designate Smilebox as a trusted site. These programs need access to the following:

  • SmileboxStarter.exe
  • SmileboxClient.exe
  • SmileboxUpdater.exe
  • SmileboxTray.exe

For help with this step, please refer to the following article:

Popular list of Firewall or Anti-virus software; how to allow Smilebox?

Step 2: Designate Smilebox as a “trusted site” in your browser

Update your preferred browser to include Smilebox as a “trusted site” in your security settings.

Firefox: Go to Tools > Options > Security > Exceptions...

Internet Explorer: Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted sites > Sites

Chrome: Go to Options Chrome_options_button.JPG > Settings > Scroll down and click "Show advanced settings..." > Under "Privacy" click "Content settings..." > Under "Cookies" click "Manage exceptions..."

Add the following domains:


If you are having installation or update issues, please restart your computer and retry your installation or update.


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