How do I Install Smilebox software on my PC?

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Thank you for choosing Smilebox! To install our program, please complete the following steps;

Please note: Smilebox requires Windows XP or higher, access to the internet and Adobe Flash Player. If you don't have Flash, we will prompt you to install it when you download Smilebox.

If you have a Mac, please click here for installation instructions.


Step 1: Click here to begin installation  

Step 2: Access your Downloads folder and select "Run"

This prompt will vary depending on your browser version.

Firefox: Click Save File > Click the arrow next to the search bar in the top right corner (see below) > Double-click the SmileboxInstaller.exe file


Internet Explorer: Click "Run" when prompted at the bottom of the browser screen (see below)


Chrome: Click the SmileboxInstaller.exe file in the bottom left corner of the browser screen (see below)


Please note: If you reach a page that indicates "This webpage is not available" - please visit our Security Software article and follow the directions in Step 2.

Step 3: Complete the installation steps



When the installation is complete, Smilebox will load automatically.

In the future, you can open Smilebox by double-clicking on the Smilebox icon on your desktop or from your programs list.

Smilebox runs locally on your computer, but does require internet access to download the Design Catalog and to share creations.

If you are a new user, Smilebox also offers an online version of the application. To learn more about what Smilebox has to offer, please visit:


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