Mac: Stuck in a Flash update loop

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To resolve this problem, please try the following troubleshooting steps.  


Step 1: Restart your mac computer and run Smilebox again

When you do the above it will ask you to update Flash player. Please click on the update Flash button and it will update to the version that is compatible with Smilebox. This should fix the issue.

Step 2: Uninstall/reinstall Flash separately from Smilebox

Complete the steps below and then try opening Smilebox again. 

Close Smilebox program. To check your Flash version or to see if your Flash player needs updating, please check the following website: 


Your browser may prompt you to update your Flash Player. If this is the case, simply follow the update directions through your browser. If not, please follow the directions on the Uninstall Flash Player for Mac OS:

 If you do not see the latest version of Flash (in red) on the Uninstall page, or you receive an error message, you need to update your Flash player.



After uninstalling, go to Adobe website and install the "Current version" of Flash program (on the right site):

Step 3: Uninstall Flash and Smilebox, then reinstall Smilebox only

This will automatically install the Flash version that is compatible with our program.

To uninstall Smilebox, you can remove Smilebox like any other Mac program. Follow these steps:

1.  Remove the Smilebox icon from your "Dock", simply drag it out of the Dock

2.  If you have a Smilebox Tray Icon in your upper right-hand corner menu: Click and select "Quit" (See Screenshot Below)


3.  Go to your Applications Folder (See Screenshot Below) and drag the Smilebox file to the Trash Can


4.  Go to Macintosh HD /Library/Applications Support folder (See Screenshot Below) and drag the Smilebox file  to the Trash Can


5.  Empty the Trash Can

6. Reinstall Smilebox program and it will automatically install the Flash version that is compatible with our program. 


For help reinstalling Smilebox, please see our article: How do I install Smilebox on my Mac?


If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at or submit a request above.

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