Mac: Trouble installing or updating Smilebox

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To run Smilebox on your Mac, you need:

  • An Intel, G4, or G5 processor (if your Mac was made in the past 4 years, it should meet this requirement)
  • 512mb or more RAM
  • OSX 10.7 or higher

Smilebox will not run on earlier versions of the Mac OSX.


1. Click here to begin the installation

2. Smilebox requires you to be signed in as an Admin User

If you are signed in as Standard user, you will receive the following error:


If you receive this error, please log in with an Admin user account and the retry your installation.

3. The Installer Package "Smilebox Installer" cannot be opened


This error will occur when you are trying to install Smilebox on a version of Mac OS X not supported by Smilebox.

Smilebox will not run on earlier versions of the Mac OS X including Panther.

4. A "critical error" occurs

If you receive the message below, a popup blocker (Example: Glimmer Blocker) is preventing Smilebox from installing and/or updating.


To get beyond this error, you will need to disable or turn off your pop-up blocker for Smilebox to complete the install and/or update.

5. An update error occurs

Smilebox encountered an error during update:
Name: Error decompressing update archive
Reason: File: /Applications/, status: 9

To get beyond this error, please restart your computer and try again. Close all other programs except Smilebox.


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