Does Smilebox contain any malware or spyware? (Received a virus warning)

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The Smilebox program does not contain any malicious software.

Your virus protection program may have been triggered because the installer needs to communicate with Smilebox to get the latest version. It is safe to install this software program.

If you have received a warning from your antivirus or firewall program pertaining to this, it is likely a false positive. This has been known to happen occasionally with certain security products.

If you do encounter a warning, please submit a ticket to let us know what kind of warning you received, as well as the name and type of antivirus, firewall, or anti-spyware software you are using. This will help us work with the security software company to track down what is causing the false positive. You can click the Help? button in the toolbar at the top of the program to reach support. 

For more on false positives, please see here:

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We don't have viruses or Trojans in our software.

We can assure you that there is no virus or Trojan in the Smilebox software. The “blocked inbound Trojan virus” message you saw is most likely a false positive from your antivirus or firewall software. We have seen reports of this message with two programs: F-Secure and Bit Defender.

Our Smilebox program installs in phases: one installer calls the next for the installation to complete. Apparently, Bit Defender and F-Secure interpret this phased installation as "Trojan-like behavior" and issues a warning. F-Secure gives a similar warning for the uninstaller.

If you choose to ignore the warning, the install (or uninstall) will continue. Please see our article:  I have security software (firewall or anti-virus software) that I suspect is blocking Smilebox.  What can I do to fix that?





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