How to Setup a Smilebox Software Account

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A Smilebox software account helps you create beautiful slideshows, eCards, Facebook covers, invitations, and greetings. If you choose to receive our newsletters or decide to join Club Smilebox, those features are associated with your Smilebox account email address.

You can install the Smilebox software by clicking here.

The first screen that loads when you start Smilebox is the Design Catalog. At the upper right of the screen, there is a "Sign In" button. You can click on that button and follow the prompts - you are asked for your:
1. Email Address
2. Full Name
3. Password (needs 6 characters - please type twice to verify - the password is case sensitive).


You can also elect to receive the Smilebox newsletter with announcements of new designs and Smilebox tips. When you click "Continue", your Smilebox account is created. (If you already have an account, please click the link provided and enter your existing account information.)

Once you've created an account you are automatically logged in when you start Smilebox on the same computer. You can check your name and email address next to the "Sign In" button.


You are also prompted to create an account if you choose to send or purchase a template. The screen is similar to that shown above.

We recommend that you close the application, without signing out. That way, the program will automatically sign you in next time you start Smilebox from the desktop icon.

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