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A gift subscription to Smilebox is available using the link below. Please understand, you will need to have Smilebox installed, and have an account, in order to give a gift. This allows us to send purchase confirmation to you. You can have a free basic account to give a gift membership.

When you give the gift a notice is sent to the recipient (and to you) immediately, so please plan accordingly. You can give a gift membership to recipient that currently does not have a subscription to Club Smilebox. The link for the gift subscription is available in our weekly newsletter as well as the confirmation screen you receive after you send a Smilebox. Please CLICK or cut and paste this link into your browser. Before you paste/use the link, please CLOSE Smilebox to allow the link to work properly:

Next you will see the following screen and wait for the next prompt.



If you don't have Smilebox program installed, you will see the following dialog boxes and click to allow Smilebox program.


If you already have Smilebox program, it will automatically OPEN and you will see "Club Smilebox Gift Membership" dialog box. Please click on "Give a gift" button.


In the "Who is this Club Smilebox gift for?" Enter the name, email address, message and Click the "continue" button.


You will see "Enter Your Billing Information" page, were in you will enter all the required fields and click "Give gift now" button to confirm.





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