How do I subscribe to Club Smilebox?

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To install Smilebox please visit

To join Club Smilebox and access all Premium designs, open the application by clicking on the Smilebox icon on your desktop or you can click on the “GET STARTED” button on

Once you open the app, the easiest way to join Club Smilebox is to click on the "Join Club Smilebox" on the top-right corner of the Smilebox program.

You can become a Club Smilebox Member using VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit or debit cards* with addresses in over 40 countries. If you have any other card (for example: a gift card or pre-paid card), please try PayPal to become a Club Smilebox member.

We offer an annual subscription at the cost of  $47.88/year (equivalent to $3.99/month).

*For more information on debit and credit card transactions, please scroll to the bottom of this article.


To become a subscriber, start here:

First, open the Smilebox program by double-clicking the Smilebox desktop icon or click here for installation instructions. Then click "Start your FREE trial" in the upper right-hand corner to begin the subscription process.

Please note: If you have previously subscribed, you will be billed immediately and will not receive a second 7-day free trial.




Click on "Continue" (see below) and you will see the subscription page. As a subscriber, all premium designs and feature are available to you, including full-screen viewing without ads, the ability to save your creation as a video file, music options, printing options and more! You can update your creations and resend them as often as you wish.

Please note: These features are available while you are an active subscriber.



On the next screen (see below), you are prompted to enter your credit card information.

You can purchase a subscription using Paypal, VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit or debit cards with addresses in over 40 countries. 

If you are from a country outside the U.S., when you enter your country code, the address fields will update to include province or territory as appropriate and a postal code. Please do not use periods when entering your state, province or territory code, just capital letters for the standard abbreviation. If your city name is longer than 20 characters, please abbreviate the city name to 20 characters or less.

Please Note: We require the customer to click the "Join Now" button (after entering billing information) to become a Club Smilebox member. No purchase occurs without you specifically authorizing a purchase.


Congratulations! You are now a Club Smilebox subscriber!

As a Club Smilebox subscriber, you have unlimited access to all premium designs and features with new designs available every week. Club Smilebox subscribers receive all of the features and benefits outlined below:

  • Full-screen, ad-free playback
  • Print any creation at-home, to a store or by home-delivery service
  • Burn to DVD and save to photo frame (.jpg)
  • Use our music (2000+ songs) or add your own
  • Unlimited storage for shared creations
  • Free 7-day trial (cancel anytime)

Please take the time to review our Terms of Service and Terms of Use; also available at

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at or submit a request above.



One more way to subscribe

You can also subscribe when you are finished personalizing a creation by clicking "Share, Print or DVD" and selecting a premium action. Here, you can subscribe by selecting the "Club Smilebox" option and following the same steps outlined above. 

If you do not see the "Free" option, you are working with a premium design which requires a Club Smilebox subscription to send, burn, etc.



Using a Debit Card for Club Smilebox?

If you are planning to use a debit card to subscribe to Club Smilebox, please note that banks treat debit card transactions differently from credit card transactions. 

When you initially subscribe to Club Smilebox, your debit card is authorized for $1 (U.S. Dollar) on the date you subscribe. This authorization may show as a withdrawal on your card's online statement. The bank temporarily holds the authorized amount for three to seven days before releasing it back into your account. This is the standard way banks handle all debit card purchases you make. 

Smilebox will not charge you until the day after your free trial period has expired.

In order to avoid the risk of incurring overdraft or minimum balance charges from your bank, please make sure that you have more than $1 available in your account before subscribing to Club Smilebox using a debit card. Washington and New York State residents should also account for sales tax.


Credit Card Security Code

The credit card security code, also known as a CVV code, is an anti-fraud credit card feature to assure that the customer placing the order is in physical possession of the credit card.

For Visa and Mastercard, the three-digit security code is printed on the signature panel on the back of the credit card, immediately after the 16-digit account number.

For American Express, the four-digit security code is printed on the front of the credit card above the 15-digit account number.


If you are experiencing trouble or have any questions, please email us at or submit a request above.


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