How do I add photos not on my hard drive? (e.g. stored on iPhoto, Photos app, etc)

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To upload photos from an outside source into Smilebox, you must first download them to your hard drive. We recommend saving them to your My Pictures folder or your Desktop.

Please note: With Smilebox, you can add photos from your computer, from Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Picasa and more. For a complete list, please see our article: Working with the Photo Well


Photo Service Providers

If your photos are stored on another website, you can find directions for exporting them by clicking the name of the service below. Generally, you can try clicking on a photo and choosing Save As and save them to your desired location on your hard drive.


Photos app



Kodak Easy Share

If you are having trouble, you can also contact your photo service provider and ask them how to save your photos on your hard drive.


From an external drive (ex. CD/DVD, flash drive, etc.)

To download photos from an external device, complete the following steps:

  1. Close the Autoplay window (if one pops up)
  2. Open the device from the Windows file folder (shown below) under My Computer
  3. Copy and paste the pictures into your My Pictures folder (shown below)

Locate the device


Copy and paste/drag photos



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