How to Perform a Clean Install of Smilebox on Mac

To carry out a clean install of Smilebox on your Mac, please complete the following steps; 

Please Note: Performing a clean install of Smilebox will not affect your creations already saved to your computer.

Step 1. Right click on 'Smilebox-Installer' file and click 'Eject' Smilebox-Installer. Make sure the Smilebox application is completely closed. In order to do that, exit Smilebox from the tray.

Step 2. Click on the 'Finder' Finder.png icon on the dock and open 'Applications'.

Step 3. Right click on the 'Smilebox' App, then 'Move to Trash'. Close the Applications window.


Step 4. Click 'Go' on the Menu bar and select 'Go to Folder'. 


Step 5. Enter the path /Users/<YOUR USER>/library. Click 'Go' to get to the library folder.

Note: YOUR USER refers to your actual Mac user


Step 6. Open the 'Application Support' folder, highlight the Smilebox folder and right click 'Move to Trash'. 


Step 7. Go back to the 'Library' folder, select 'Preferences' and open 'Macromedia' folder.


Step 8. Open 'Flash Player' folder and 'Move to Trash' all the three listed files under it.


Step 9. Clean Safari browser cookies and re-install the Smilebox application.


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